WAITO : Fight the illicit traffic

Counterfeiting has an effect on  system of economy, global trade and business and also have an effect on growth markets irritants infringement. Waito the organization was designed in September to notice and to fight against the illicit traffic environment.

Bernard Marquet, MP Monaco efficient for the authorities of European countries and participants WAITO Foundation Board, was chosen to head the organization WAITO Monaco environment. On September 13, he told the local media that “the objective of the organization is that all the environmental damage that damages the individual well-being can be criminalized.” Heart of Monaco will focus in particular on the sale of drugs and meals is more fake industry success in struggling communities. One of the best illustrations of this disaster scenario is undoubtedly improving immunization against malaria as measured income which could cause a gradually changing malware creates it free from any process.


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About waitofoundation123

The World Illicit Traffic Organization (WAITO) is a Non-profit anti counterfeit organization fighting against counterfeiting, illicit trade, trafficking, food frauds etc. Consumer Protection Agency that protects consumers against food fraud, organized crime, pharmaceuticals. View page to know about Organization structure.

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