WAITO : Fight the illicit traffic

Counterfeiting has an effect on  system of economy, global trade and business and also have an effect on growth markets irritants infringement. Waito the organization was designed in September to notice and to fight against the illicit traffic environment.

Bernard Marquet, MP Monaco efficient for the authorities of European countries and participants WAITO Foundation Board, was chosen to head the organization WAITO Monaco environment. On September 13, he told the local media that “the objective of the organization is that all the environmental damage that damages the individual well-being can be criminalized.” Heart of Monaco will focus in particular on the sale of drugs and meals is more fake industry success in struggling communities. One of the best illustrations of this disaster scenario is undoubtedly improving immunization against malaria as measured income which could cause a gradually changing malware creates it free from any process.


Symposium – Counterfeiting control

The WAITO Foundation and its local center in China, the Analysis and Studies Focus on Counterfeiting control (RS3C), in collaboration with the Chinese Food Safety Legislation Research Centre, will arrange an worldwide symposium next Nov on illicit trafficking and Counterfeiting crime in the food and drug areas.

From 17 to 19 Nov 2012, leading Chinese* and worldwide experts will get involved in the event structured by the WAITO Foundation. The foodstuff and farming and the drug areas will be at the heart of controversy during the symposium on “Counterfeiting-crime© avoidance and avoidance guidelines in the meals and drug sectors”. Read more…

WAITO discloses a anti-counterfeiting centre in Monaco

On 13 July, the WAITO Foundation, a referrals in the battle against counterfeiting, welcomed the media to Trianon Room of the Hotel Hermitage in Monaco to present its new center. This center will function from Monaco as the WAITO Monaco Environment Association. The common set up to identify this new center, including criminologists and legal professionals, announced its dedication to battling fake products risking the protection of customers.
Experienced with the risk to protection of illicit trafficking, WAITO is appearing the security in order to change individuals’ mentalities. Counterfeiting cannot only be conducted through ip law, as only 8% of fake items are now duplicates of high-class items. This international risk is much more serious and discovers an ideal environment for its development in globalization and worldwide downturn. Cigarettes, makeup, drugs, extra vehicle parts and development materials, no industry goes out this problem.

Counterfeiting control – In the food sector

The international financial and governmental situation is a switch for the growth of counterfeiting. With the association of a super aggressive atmosphere, globalization and the financial disaster, financial stars are seriously trying to find some sort of balance. Meanwhile, the North-South gap is aggravated by the disaster, which in turn increases the governmental split. Some government authorities battle to ensure their individuals’ success, while others aim to maintain their citizens’ total well being.

This anxious atmosphere allows mafia categories to create illicit trade, trafficking systems and black marketplaces across the world. The range of this growth makes all successful financial areas potential objectives for counterfeiting. One of the most concerning types of this illicit trafficking is the illegal business creating in the food and farming industry.
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An information on Counterfeiting-crime

Counterfeiting-crime is a type of specific crime that harms the economy of the government, public health, consumer safety and circulation of products. There are mainly two major criminal provisions which are valid nearly in all countries that are available to fight against Counterfeiting-crime. Firstly, aggravated deception, particularly concerning the origin and technical compliance of the product. Secondly, deliberately endangering the lives of others.

The legal approach established by Pierre Delval qualifies “counterfeit as a criminal act to copy products with the intention to deceive and/or to knowingly endanger the health or safety of consumers in order to profit from doing so”.

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A unique approach by WAITO against illicit trafficking

WAITO Foundation provides appropriate solutions according to the requirements of government and large public or private European or international organisations against counterfeit pharmaceuticals, fighting organized crime, trademark counterfeiting. WAITO Foundation was motivated by the several observations i.e. growth in counterfeit products in international trade, dangerous products that cause serious health risks and non-compliant products.

These products are intolerable for government and should be taken into account at the highest level by the administrative, political, legal and economic authorities. The available legal arsenal is inappropriate for this criminogenic activity.

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General and Specific tasks of WAITO foundation

General tasks of the WAITO foundation consist of studies and research on the numerous counterfeit products, fighting organized crime for the safety of consumers. The concerned priority products are spare vehicle parts, pharmaceuticals, food products, including pesticides, tobacco, cosmetics, raw materials for buildings and construction materials etc. WAITO foundation also aims to establish a geopolitical and analytical approach to this criminal research and protect local products against fraud and counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

Also WAITO foundation provides specific tasks support and response on the requests done by governments, companies, European and international organisations, and international companies regarding Counterfeiting-crime & fraud investigation.

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